AVIC’s Executive VP Visits AVIC International’s ARITEX and AIM Altitude

On April 19 and 20, AVIC’s Executive Vice President Wu Xiandong visited AVIC International’s ARITEX, the automation production line manufacturer, and AIM Altitude, the cabin interior decoration manufacturer in Spain and the UK respectively. He exchanged views with the executives of the two companies, and AVIC International’s leaders, on the company orientation and development strategy. Mr. Wu hopes ARITEX will expand its market share in the global aviation industry and make breakthroughs in China’s automobile production line market. He also said that while the cabin interior payload products manufacturing is one of the important fields that AVIC supports, AIM Altitude should make full use of its technological advantages and best practices, explore the cooperation with the seat and interiors manufactures (AVIC's subsidiaries such as Ali Jiatai and FACC).