AVIC’s Executive VP and Dassault Systèms’ President attend strategic cooperation seminar

On March 22, AVIC’s Executive Vice President and CIO Zhang Xinguo and Dassault Systèms’ President Bernard Charles attended a high-level strategic cooperation seminar in Beijing. Both sides discussed digital technology trends and related future application modes, and reviewed the history of bilateral cooperation. They were satisfied with the work of the PLM Capability Center and clarified that the strategic partnership would be further deepened to promote the establishment of the Joint Innovation Center for the Chinese and French Industry. Mr. Zhang explained that the Innovation Center, driven by the complex system engineering life cycle, would focus on the common and key technologies of the industrial paradigm transformation, and cultivate the cutting-edge, high-end capability with its innovative application, engineering validation and technical services. Dassault Systèms will employ its global technological resources for the follow-up work.