The Y-12 Conquers the World’s Most Dangerous Airport


On October 6, the Royal Nepal Airlines officially restored the Kathmandu-Lukla route, which had been interrupted for two years. The Airlines first operated the Y-12E, which was introduced from AVIC HAIG  (AVIC Harbin Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd.), to carry two batches of passengers to the Lukla Airport located at the southern slope of Mount Everest.
The Lukla Airport, which is located in Lukla, Sorombobu County in the Sagarmatha District, east of Nepal, is the nearest airport to the Mount Everest southern slope base camp. Ranking No.1 among the top ten most dangerous airports in the world, it is known as the ‘Airport on the roof of the world’. As the only corridor linking Kathmandu and Lukla, its elevation is 2,845 meters above sea level, with a sloping runway of 30 meters in width and 527 meters in length, which is less than one seventh of the runway at the Beijing Capital Airport. At one end of the runway is an abyss, and the other is Mount Himalaya. This airport has one of the largest slopes in the world.
Nepal Airlines is the biggest operator with Chinese-made civil aircraft abroad. Among its nine small and medium aircraft, six come from China –four are Y-12Es and two are MA60s. To guarantee successful operations, the AVIC integrated logistics team was sent to assist Nepal Airlines to conduct routine maintenance and repair, train pilots and ground professionals, and tackle daily operational problems in real time.