2019 Paris Air Show—Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit

To meet the requirements of research and development (R&D) of wide-body aircraft, and reference to the US Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGEN), Single European Sky ATM Research (SESAR) and China’s new air navigation system, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (“AVIC”) launched the Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit which reflects the development direction and application scenarios of future wide-body aircraft avionics system by means of its several new technologies.

The Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit is equipped with real and complete systems and devices, reproducing the reality of cockpit, achieving interconnection of cockpit display, visual system, monitoring system and air traffic control system, and showing the application scenarios of future civil aircraft. The real touch control panel IDU used in the whole cockpit adopts the capacitive touch technology to support multiple touch points, achieve full integration of display and control and largely improve the ergonomic efficiency of the cockpit; introduces a new model of data link communication for pilot with ground controller, the cockpit traffic information display and advanced surface guidance technology to realize future air-ground coordinated flight; supports 4D trajectory based operation (TBO) to improve the overall monitoring capability and 4D flight management level and meet the future TBO goals; and liberates pilots from aircraft operators into future flight managers to make homemade large aircrafts fly in a more efficient, faster, safer and more environmentally friendly manner. This also reflects new requirements for avionics display system in future wide-body aircraft.

So far, the avionics system developed by AVIC has been successfully applied to many aircraft types such as civil airplane, general aircraft and civil helicopter, with capabilities in developing any completely independent and controllable avionics system platform, avionics equipment, app, and advanced systems engineering. To meet technical requirements of the next generation civil aviation transportation system, AVIC will build customer-oriented product lifecycle service and technical support capabilities for its Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit. In the future, based on civil aircraft avionics R&D system and by virtue of its avionics technology and product advantages developed in complex system R&D, AVIC will focus on competing for Sino-Russian wide-body aircraft, heavy helicopter and other major projects in the international market, and try to serve our users in an all-round way.