First Stage of AC311A High Altitude Test Completed at Yunnan


On August 2, an AC311A helicopter arrived at Zhaotong Flight Test Site in Yunnan Province, mainly for a flight test campaign to validate the type‘s rose suspension device.
The team will conduct 10 test subjects both in Zhaotong Airport at an altitude of 2000 meters and Ninglang Airport at 3000 meters.
From August 3 to 13, the AC311A flew 15 sorties in Zhaotong and completed all subjects, including hovering performance test and dropping test of heavy objects.
The campaign further validated the compliance of AC311A helicopter with civil aviation regulations when lifting heavy objects, and helped determine the maximum horizontal flight speed, turning slope, and allowable dropping speed under different external loads. Flight and operation characteristics when maneuvering near the ground was also logged for guiding future operation.
The campaign is a solid step to enhance the lifting capability and market advantage of AC311A with external suspension system in high altitude circumstance.
The flight test at Zhaotong is the first step of the whole campaign. In following days, the AC311A will complete the test mission of 3000 meters in Ninglang, to obtain all airworthiness evidence of rose suspension system.