AVIC Shows Its Capability at 2019 MAKS

-AG600 amphibious aircraft debuts international airshow
-Wing Loong family join static display




Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC) is showcasing its key commercial and defense products, capabilities, services, and technologies at the 2019 MAKS, which runs August 27-September 1 in the city of Zhukovsky, with China acting as a partner country. As the backbone of China aviation industry, AVIC is bringing a portfolio of 15 key aviation products and specialized equipment systems in 10 categories to Zhukovsky, covering business sectors of defense, civil aviation, avionics, and areo-composite.
At 2019 MAKS, AG600 makes its debut at international airshow, and Wing Loong I and Wing Loong II are exhibited in a series at static display zone.
The company’s presence and activities at the show demonstrates its commitment to the international aviation market, especially with systematic solution based on the specific demand from Central Asia customers.
MAKS, the largest airshow within Commonwealth of the Independent States(CIS), has major international influence over the region and has been recognized as an important communication platform for global aviation industry especially for Sino-Russo cooperation.
AVIC has been with MAKS for a decade and attending its 6th edition. MAKS has witnessed AVIC’s expanding exhibition portfolios, evolving capability and undoubted determination to go international. MAKS is a tie for AVIC expanding its communication with the global aviation industry, and helping to deepen Sino-Russo aviation cooperation further.
AVIC is displaying a range of selected defense products including fighter, trainer, UAV, military transport aircraft. Visitors will spot the JF-17 multi-role fighter jointly developed by China and Pakistan, Wing Loong MALE UAV System, L15 advanced trainer with attack and air combat capability, and Y-9E, a new generation medium multi-role transport aircraft. Among them, the matured and high-reliability Wing Loong family join the static display for the first time. The 100th Wing Loong was delivered to an international customer in December of 2018, setting a new record for China UAV export. AVIC has been developing new business models with customized customer service, including user training and service acquisition.
AVIC also showcases a portfolio of civil products including AG600 amphibious aircraft, MA700 /MA600/MA60 passenger aircraft, AC312E helicopter, and Y-12E/F commuter aircraft.
It only took 300 days for AG600 aircraft to take off from water after the first flight from land
MA60, the first turboprop passenger aircraft developed by AVIC, has evolved to series. Over 100 MA60/600 has been delivered to 30 customers from 18 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania, with operation on approximately 300 routes.
MA700 is a brand-new advanced turboprop regional aircraft under development, suitable for short & medium-haul routes. As of today, MA700 has received 285 orders from 11 customers. The middle fuselage and nose structure have been jointed for the first MA700 for the static stress test, which is expected to roll out in 2019.
AC312E, a medium twin-engine civil helicopter, has finished airworthiness flight campaign with CAAC and is expected to receive Type Certificate and Production Certification from CAAC in 2019.
Y12E received airworthiness certification from CIS during 2015 MAKS, available for CIS market. Heavily-upgraded Y12F joined the flight display in 2015 MAKS.
Furthermore, AVIC’s capability on avionics system design and integration are represented by a conceptual cockpit on display for future widebody airliners. Other integrated civil aviation capabilities and services are being introduced by videos at AVIC stand, including solutions for civil aircraft systems, cabin systems, aerostructure subcontracting production, design, and construction of aviation infrastructure.
Aero-composite capability is another featured capability that is displayed in Zhukovsky, including carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid fiber, quartz fiber and textile’s high-performance prepreg, aramid paper honeycomb, and PMI foam products.
Representatives from AVIC attend executive meetings and technical communications, including in-depth dialogue hosted by China-Russia Civil Aviation Sub-Committee, and business talks with Russian Helicopter and TsAGI, which further promotes the cooperation and development of aviation industry between China and Russia. And AVIC also actively exchanges views with customers from CIS and the whole of Central Asia to facilitate future market success.