AC311A Expanding Firefighting and Airlifting Capability

AC311A, a 2-ton civil helicopter developed by Avicopter, is expanding its capability in firefighting and airlifting missions.


On June 10, a joint firefighting test was performed by Avicopter and China State Grid at Jingdezhen, where the type is manufactured. The firefighting suite and modification design had been validated through the test.
The firefighting suite is designed by the general aviation branch of China State Grid, including a extinguishing agent container and a spraying subsystem.
The simulated 2 square-meter fire field is fill with burning wood during the test, and fire was put off in 3 minutes.
Avicopter also conducted airlifting test with AC311A recently at Jingdezhen, China. With external suspension, test team need to validate AC311A’s flight performance and operation characteristics.
Expected maximum weight of lift capability was achieved during the test.
AC311A can operate in day and night environment for a wide range of missions including police enforcement, air sight-seeing, forest fire prevention, transportation, EMS, news reporting, power line patrol. Latest test will make AC311A capable of firefighting and airlifting.