AVIC Supports Flood Monitoring and Relief Missions in China

In the middle of rainy season, AVIC devoted its effort to support flood monitoring and relief missions in different cities of China.
China Flying Dragon, a branch of Avicopter for general aviation operation, sent one of its helicopters to join the flood relief exercise at Heilongjiang province on July 19. China Flying Dragon was assigned to rescue civilians from an island isolated by flood.
The flight located the cornered civilians promptly, and successfully remove them to a safe zone after a difficult landing on the island.
China Fly Dragon owns a fleet of helicopters ranging from 1 to 56 ton, and joined many disaster relief campaigns in past 2 decades, including Wenchuan Earthquake.
In the Central China, an AVIC AC311 helicopter owned by Wuzhou Emergency Rescue Service, flied sorties to survey and monitor flooded eara in Wuzhou, Jiangxi in past weeks. To help control the flood and disaster relief effort, the flight mission included aerial inspection of flooded zone and air command of ground forces.
AVIC also dispatched a UAV operation team to support flood control for Hunan Province at July.
On July 14-16, The UAV team visited several cities including Leiyang, Changning, Hengshan, and Hengdong, and provided aerial photography service to local movement with tied UAV and hybrid-power UAV.
On July 17, the Hunan Command Center of Flood Control called the team twice. The team responded instantly and flied their UAVs to perform river patrol mission.