AVIC Unveils Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit at MAKS

AVIC, as a technology innovator, is showcasing a conceptual cockpit at MAKS 2019.
The Next Generation Civil Aircraft Cockpit shows the realities of the cockpit display and control system that is prepared for the next generation of wide body aircraft. To meet the requirements of the future air navigation system of CAAC, and reference to the US The Next Generation Air Transportation System and Single European Sky ATM Research, the civil aircraft cockpit is designed to operate under System Wide Information Management, allowing the flight to meet the more efficient time requirements of the overall airspace usage.


The concept cockpit is demonstrated by a number of new technologies, such as the capacitive touch technology, which allows the display screen to be fully integrated, further improving the ergonomic efficiency and display efficiency of the cockpit; A new model of data link communication for Pilot with the ground controller is added; Cockpit traffic information display and Advanced surface guidance technology, combined with advanced ground-based visual monitoring system, can realize future air-ground coordinated flight; Supporting 4D Trajectory Based Operation to improve the overall monitoring capability; liberating pilots from aircraft operators into future flight managers. We hope we can make aircraft achieving more efficient, faster, safer and environmentally friendly flights.