AC313 Validates Multiple Emergency Rescue Capabilities


In order to validate the emergency rescue capability of AC313,AVIC started a 2-day flight test campaign for the helicopter from August 31.
During the campaign, AC313 successfully carried out the first water cannon fire test in air and first air-lifting test with equipment and sandbags for blocking river bank breach. The test results show that AC313 is fully capable of extinguishing fire in high rise building, lifting needed equipment and resource to prevent flood.
On August 31, AC313 lifted 2.5 tons of Engineering excavators, sandbags and other items, and dropped them in a test range in LvMeng of Jingdezhen city, to simulate a mission to close a river bank breach.
On September 1, the fire-fighting test was held in the training range of Jingdezhen Fire-fighting Special Service. The AC313 helicopter took off from Lumeng Airport and fetched water along the Yangtze River. After water intake, AC313 flew to the fire point quickly. When hovering, the operator pulled the trigger of the water cannon, and then the fire in the 7th floor of a building was extinguished. Two AC311 helicopters also took part in the test flight, taking aerial photography and evacuating the wounded simulatively.
The belly tank of AC313 can carry 4 tons of water and the range of its water cannon is up to 40 meters. The helicopter can eject water from a side or pitch angles, making it a ideal type for fire fighting mission in high-rise buildings, complex terrain environment like cliff, large-area fire source and multi-fire points.