The Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC) was founded on November 6th, 2008 through the restructuring and consolidation of the China Aviation Industry Corporation Ⅰ (AVIC Ⅰ) and the China Aviation Industry Corporation Ⅱ (AVIC Ⅱ).
As a responsible enterprise, AVIC actively participate in those activities to serve the society.
To secure the harmony between corporate growth and social progress, we always pay close attention to the growth of both our corporation and communities, and make sure to support public welfare activities. These can range from poverty reduction, disaster relief and educational donations, to active participation in community development programs.
We attach great importance to protecting and publicizing our trademarks, maintaining AVIC’s brand reputation, protecting intellectual property rights and continuing to accumulate AVIC brand assets. On June 16, 2015, the world brand laboratory released in Beijing the list of 2015 China's top 500 with most valuable brands, where "AVIC " ranks 25 with a brand value of RMB 100.869 billion in 4 consecutive years.