The MA60 is a reliable aircraft for an airline to develop regional transportation business for its excellent cost effectiveness, high airport adaptability and being environmentally- friendly.

Cost effective: The MA60 is designed with an optimized aerodynamic configuration, a long service life, high fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost, which all contribute to its low operation cost.

Comfort: The MA60’s airframe section is designed to the civil aircraft economic and comfort standards and its cabin is designed by reference to the typical size of an American or European man (1.805m tall), which make it satisfy with the passenger’s request for comfortability.

Airport adaptive: The MA60 is not restrictive in runway length and runway surface quality. It is capable of taking-off/landing on soil, cement, pitch and gravel or grass runway, as well as capable of instrument meteorological conditions flight. Therefore, it has good airport adaptability.

Environmentally-friendly: The turboprop engine is quite environmentally-friendly for its low emission which minimizes the affect to environment.

Performance  Geometric Data

Aircraft Length 24.708 m
Parking Height (free condition) 8.853 m
Wing Span 29.2 m
Horizontal Tail Wing Span 9.996 m
Main Wheel Track 7.90 m
Wheel Base 9.564 m
Maximum Width of the Fuselage 2.9 m
Cabin Width 2.686 m
Cabin Length 10.794 m
Cabin Height 1.896 m
Passenger door 0.750×1.405 m
Forward Cargo Door 1.190×1.220 m
Rear Cargo Door 0.750×1.410 m
Emergency Exit 0.510×0.927 m
Aircraft Weight and C.G Data
Maximum Taxiing Weight 21900 kg
Maximum Take-off Weight 21800 kg
Maximum Landing Weight 21200 kg 
Maximum Payload  550 kg
Maximum Fuel Weight 4030 kg
Business Weight 375 kg 
Main Performance Data Take-off Balance Field Length(Maximum Take-off Weight)
Sea level, ISA condition, Flaps 15° 1660 m
Sea level, ISA condition, Flaps 5°(optional) 1705 m
Required Landing Field Length (Maximum Landing Weight)
Dry runway, Target airport (coefficient 1.667)  
Sea level, ISA condition 1460 m
Single Engine Net Ceiling (95%MTOW)
ISA condition, APU bleed 3825 m
Maximum Operation Altitude 7620 m
Maximum cruising speed (TAS), 96%MTOW,ISA condition H=5486 m 445 km/h
Leg Performance ISA, calm wind, cruising altitude:6096 m,IFR backup fuel:
Block Distance 970 km
Block Fuel 1600 kg
Block Time 2.77 h

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