The Z-19E is a 4-ton class dedicated attack helicopter which can be stored with armaments such as advanced anti-tank missile, air-to-air missile, aerial rocket, and aerial gun pod, and is applicable for attacking enemy ground targets such as tanks, armored vehicles, and reinforced fortifications, providing the friendly ground force with direct fire support; as well as for attacking enemy air targets such as helicopters, securing the low-level air superiority, and escorting the friendly helicopters. The helicopter is endowed with the multiple mission capabilities in complicated battlefield environment with field maintenance support provided, especially in low-intensity conflicts.

The Z-19E employs the integrated and downsized avionics. It is installed with the day-and-night observation and sight system, integrated fire control system, integrated communication system, combined navigation system, digital flight control system, electronic self-defense system, anti-crash and bulletproof system, helmet sight, and other onboard equipment, which provide the dedicated attack helicopter with low-cost, excellent controllability and mission capability, agile air performance and high survival rate.