The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) SW1 is a light, multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle with two ways of taking off in terms of on-board and ejection. It is capable of parachute recovery and real-time information transmission which can be widely used in aerial missions, aerial photography, remote sensing, environment protection and more.   FeaturesUnmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) SW1 is in accordance with the requirements of Chengdu military aircraft based on its existing system to complete research and development of the work. It has a complete quality control system from design to material procurement, product development, manufacturing, testing and test flights .The airframe structure of the aircraft is made of carbon fiber composite materials with a light weight, high strength and stiffness, long fatigue life-time and more. In addition, the aircraft uses the patented buffering system of Chengdu military company making it agile and convenient to use. At the same time, its parachute recovery system combines with unique and comprehensive measures to ensure flight safety. The complete machine system has excellent function and performance, with a reasonable and concise system configuration. Flight quality has reached the highest level of GJB, known as the top level of flying quality.
Wing span4.179M
Maximum level flight speed160KM/H
Cruising speed120-140KM/H
Service ceiling3000M
Radius of action80KM
Maximum taking-off weight80KG
Flight endurance2H

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