This large fire-fighting search and rescue amphibious aircraft – AG600 is designed to meet the requirements for forest firefighting and emergency search and rescue missions on water. The aircraft is a single vessel body with cantilevered high mounted wings. It is equipped with four WJ6 engines and nose-wheel tricycle retractable landing gear.

When performing the tasks of forest firefighting, the amount of water scooped by the aircraft in 20 seconds can reach 12,000kg. The aircraft can fly to and from a water source and fire site to jettison water several times. In performing the task of search and rescue on water, the minimum level flight altitude of the aircraft is 50m. It can also anchor on water to conduct search and rescue tasks, which can evacuate up to 50 people at one time.


The aircraft is designed under the concept of “developing one aircraft into multi-types, land and sea.” The aircraft can be modified with necessary devices and facilities according to the requirements of customers to meet the needs of maritime surveillance, resource detection, passenger and cargo transport as well as other tasks.

Wing Span38.8m
Overall Length36.9m
Overall Height12.1m
Maximum Take-off Weight49000Kg
Maximum Level Speed560Km/h
Minimum Level Speed220 Km/h
Take-off and Landing Anti-Wave2m
Maximum Range4500km
Maximum Water Capacity12000 Kg
Service Ceiling6000m