AC312E is a 4-ton-class multi-purpose helicopter with two high power and low fuel consumption turbo-shaft engines and a highly integrated avionics system.

It has strong competitiveness such as strong engine power, advanced avionics system, reasonable cockpit layout and rapid configuration conversion. It not only has out-standing high temperature high altitude performance, but also has excellent plain flight performance for various purposes, such as general transportation, VIP transportation, emergency medical service (EMS), search and rescue (SAR), fire fighting, law enforcement and other missions.

AC312E helicopter adopts the layout of single rotor and fenestron tail rotor. The maximum take-off weight is 4250kg. The minimum crew is one pilot. The maximum number of passenger seat is 13. The helicopter is also capable of flight during day/night under adverse weather conditions.

FeaturesMassively use of composite materials;  
Flexible rotorhead system with 4 pcs composite rotor blades;  
Low noise level;  
Integrated flight display system;  
Multi-purpose design;  
Large payload, superior performance;  
Easy maintenance, low operating cost.  Capacity
2 pilots + 12 pax
1 or 2 pilot(s) + 4 stretchers + 1 med
1 or 2 pilot(s) + 2 stretchers + 4 meds