Beijing New Airport City Integration Planning.


• Planned Area: 700 km2
• An aeronautical metropolitan area with the concept of aviation, digitalization, globalization and time value.


More Planning Projects:

Ras Al Khaymah Aviation City, UAE


• Design: 2013
• Planned Area: 30 Sq km
• With business jet operation as core, aviation maintenance as base, aviation logistics and transactions, international transit services as the development direction, conference exhibitions, high-end businesses, leisure and entertainment functions are set up.
• Through development of the aviation city, Ras Al Khaymah will become a high-end, international center of the Gulf countries.


Sierra Leone Freetown Aviation City


• Design: 2014
• Planned Area: 44.8 Sq km
• Relying on Freetown International Airport, the air, waterway and land transportation are optimized and integrated into a complete system.
• Relying on mineral, deep processing and well-equipped trade, finance, commerce, logistics, transportation and life service facilities, the City will provide basis for Sierra Leone to become a regional center node in West Africa.