Civil Aviation
Luanda New International Airport Project, Angola


The airport, defined as the international hub in Southwest Africa and listed as a National Strategy Project in Angola, is scheduled to commence in December, 2017 and open in 2019. The airport will be the largest and the most comprehensive functional one-time constructed airport in Africa.


Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia


• Aerodrome Reference Code: 4F
• Runway: 4000m
• Standard: ICAO + American Standard
• Bid winning time: Jun 2019


More Civil Aviation Projects:

Malé Velana International Airport, Maldives


• Aerodrome Reference Code: 4F
• Runway: 3400m×60m
• Standard: ICAO
• Time Built: 2018


Mozambique Xai-Xai Airport


• Project implementation: 2018
• Main contents: flight area, terminal area and auxiliary facilities (fire and rescue center, power center, cargo depot, special garage, sewage and dirt treatment center); a 5-km entry road connecting the airport and existing road.
• Constructed according to domestic and regional standards, annual passenger throughput 220,000.


Angola Luau Airport


• Aerodrome Reference Code:4D
• Runway: 2600m
• Time Built: 2015


China Southern Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Base at Beijing Daxing Airport


• Area: 200,000 ㎡
• Hangar + Annex building: 107,000 ㎡
• Span: "222m+183m"
• Maintenance base with the largest span in Asia