AVIC Property Insurance
Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between two multinational corporations: Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) and Groupama S.A. As a comprehensive property insurer, Groupama AVIC offers clients a complete range of services, including agricultural, commercial, and family property, vehicle, cargo, health, and accident insurance.  
By fully harnessing Groupama S.A.’s one hundred years of agricultural insurance experience, as well as AVIC Group’s highly developed domestic market roots, Groupama AVIC strives to innovate its model, channels, products, and services for the benefit of our clients and society.  
Crop InsuranceAs a risk sharer, Groupama AVIC aids in the importation of international agricultural insurance expertise in planting, livestock, and forest insurance, strives for product and service innovation, strengthens risk management, focuses on guaranteeing production, price, and income rather than policy cost, and also explores various agriculture-related commercial insurances in order to expand the depth and breadth of “San Nong” insurance.  

Planting InsuranceGroupama AVIC’s planting insurance covers policy-related subsidy insurance of corn and rice, and local agricultural insurance of kiwi fruit, edible fungi, and lemons.  

Livestock InsuranceGroupama AVIC’s livestock insurance covers policy-related subsidy insurance of reproductive sows and yaks, and local agricultural insurance on holothurians and domesticated poultry.  

Forest InsuranceGroupama AVIC’s forest insurance clients range from state-owned forestry corporations, collective forest farms, and joint-stock forestry enterprises to forestry specialists. Insurance services cover forest protection, commercial forests, economic forests, and other un-stored round wood.  

Indexes, price, and income insuranceGroupama AVIC develops various indexes, price, and income insurance policies, including innovative products such as a corn rainfall capacity index insurance, rice regional produce insurance, and lemon income insurance.  

Vehicle InsuranceAs one of the first foreign-funded insurers qualified to issue the compulsory traffic insurance, Groupama AVIC provides individual and group clients with commercial vehicle insurance and compulsory traffic insurance.  

Compulsory traffic insurance includes injury and death liability, medical treatment liability, and property loss liability.  

Property InsuranceGroupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. provides a full range of professional insurance products to individual customers and group customers from various industries in accordance with their needs.
Accident and Health InsuranceBecause different customers have different needs, Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. not only introduced Short-term Accident and Health Insurance for individual and group customers, but also entered into mutually beneficial agreements with international medical institutions like MSH to enhance medical services. Whether it is an accident that happened during travel or at work, diseases, or disabilities, Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. will exert its full effort to lighten your burden with quality service and assurance.  

" High-end medical insurance " is a specific product tailored for high-end groups or individuals with international medical service.  

Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. also offers an Employee Benefit Program with optimal combination schemes of Accident and Health Insurances for employees of various industries to make sure that every employee benefits from the assurance of low input and high return.  

To satisfy customers' needs during overseas travel, the company offers "Overseas Travel Insurance." Wherever you are, our comprehensive insurance always accompanies you.  



On November 4, 2010, former Chinese President Hu Jintao and former French President Sarkozy witnessed a cooperative agreement establishing Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. between AVIC and French Groupama in the Elysée Palace.


On April 25, 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Hollande witnessed the signing ceremony in the People’s Great Hall adding registered capital to Groupama AVIC Property Insurance Co., Ltd. and establishing a study on a life insurance joint venture.