AVIC Trust
AVIC Trust has two groups of customers: one on the financing side, the other on the entrusting side. Financing customers are enterprises from various industries, economic cooperation organizations, and individuals who request capital from a trust. AVIC Trust is responsible for supplying their financing needs. Customers entrusting the project are investors, either individuals or organizations. AVIC Trust offers them financial planning services.  

Private Equity Investment ServiceTo serve the needs of the financing or capital side, AVIC Trust creates new financial products to raise money from investors. It then applies the funds to specific enterprises or projects as a manager. This service can be extended into various industries as its versatile design and strict risk management bring profits for both investing and financing clients, resulting in a win-win situation.  

Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Trust ServiceThe Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Trust Service focuses on trust funds applied to general entity enterprises in manufacturing, service, and trade. Through its multiple platforms such as stock equity, loans, and mezzanine financing, it provides merging, liquidity, and project funds to promote the development of industrial and commercial enterprises.  

Infrastructure Trust ServiceThe Infrastructure Trust Service funds infrastructure-related industries. It utilizes trust loans, equity investment, PPP, securitization, and mezzanine financing to apply trust funds to industries such as civil engineering, public facilities, water systems, road and traffic, transmission and energy projects, etc.  

Real Estate Trust ServiceThe Real Estate Trust Service applies trust funds in the real estate industry. It utilizes trust loans, equity investment, mezzanine financing, and securitization to provide funds for real estate enterprises and their projects. The trust company tightly controls and carefully monitors risk by using high-level collateral assets, stock equity collateral, guarantee by third parties, appointing own supervision, etc.  

Securities Investment Trust ServiceThe Securities Investment Trust Service invests trust funds in securities markets, including bond and stock markets, targeted additional issuances, new stock subscription, fund investment, etc. The service can either collaborate with a professional securities investment team and import investment consultation, or research independently on investment options and provide products with varying levels of profitability and risk for investors with different preferences.  
New Energy Trust ServiceThe New Energy Trust Service utilizes trust funds in new energy sectors, including offshore wind power, clean energies, solar power, photovoltaic power generation etc.Through employing trust loans, stock equity investment, securitization, mezzanine financing and contractual energy administration, the service provides funds for leading enterprises and high-end projects. Guided by national policy, it aims to research and explore further the investment and financing opportunities in complete industry chains, to minimize risks, as well as to optimize profit.  

Consumer Finance Trust ServiceThe Consumer Finance Trust Service focuses on trust funds in the consumer finance realm. By working together with top-ranking management service providers, the service directly issues trust loans, vehicle mortgage loans, and property mortgage loans to individuals who meet the risk-control requirements and have a strong capacity to make repayment.  

Other Trust ServiceOther trust services targets trust funds in industries outside of the aforementioned.  

Asset Management ServiceOur asset management service analyzes the asset management needs of our clients and makes use of specific investment strategies and asset allocationsto create standardized products. It strives to develop a wide range of products with different risk appetite, including cash management, conservative, balanced, and aggressive approaches, so as to meet the particular risk and reward preferences of the investors. Current products include “Tianji Wealth Centering”, “Tianji Finance Joining”, “Tianji Private Equity Selection”, etc.  

Wealth Management ServiceOur wealth management service addresses the unique needs of the high net-worth individuals and corporate customers. The company creates customized non-standard products to meet customer requirements. Relying on our deep understanding of our customers, we strive to constantly improve our assets allocation plans and implementation skills. With our strong integration capacity of financial resources, the company will establish the purely assets allocation business model, asset management business model and comprehensive financial services business model through a step by step process, so as to design services that are specially suited to clients and unique to the company.