AVIC Futures
There is no industry limitation for clients of the following products. Any one not prohibited from the futures market can use them.  

Futures Brokerage ServiceAVIC Futures trades in commodity futures on the Shanghai Futures Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, and Zhengzhou Futures Exchange, and stock index and government bond futures on the China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFE). Through intermediary services and cooperation with AVIC Securities, AVIC Futures provides investors with stock futures brokerage services and actively provides clients with trade simulation services for all commodity futures and stock index futures across all futures exchanges.  

Risk Management ServiceAVIC Futures provides clients with professional risk management services, including warehouse receipt service, cooperation hedging, pricing, basis trading, etc.  

Warehouse ReceiptAVIC Futures provides clients with standard warehouse receipt or non-standard warehouse receipt pledging, delivering, repurchasing, swapping, purchasing, and selling services.  

Cooperation HedgingAVIC Futures provides industry clients with fund support, trading guidance, risk control guidance, and is entrusted by clients to carry out hedging operations utilizing risk management products.  

PricingAVIC Futures provides enterprises with personalized pricing and risk management instruments, including pricing, average price trading, forwards and swaps.  

Basis TradingAVIC Futures provides clients with basis trading services, including arbitrage, calendar spread arbitrage, and commodity spread arbitrage.  

Asset Management ServiceIn asset management service, the futures company is entrusted by one or more clients with a written commission. The company invests assets and charges commission fees according to that contract’s regulations. The futures company works with clients directly through investment management services, or acts as their investment consultant.  
Research and Consultation ServiceAVIC Futures’ research and consultation service exists to understand clients’ needs, facilitate clients establishing risk management systems and operations processes, and provide risk management consultation services, such as risk management consultation, research, and special training. In addition, AVIC Futures collects and arranges futures market information and relevant economic information, studies and analyzes prices and relevant influencing factors on futures markets and relevant spot markets, produces and provides researched analysis reports or news information services, designs investment plans of hedging and arbitrage for clients, draws up futures trading strategies under its trading consultation service, and provides clients with wealth management plans based on AVIC’s integrated capital financial platform.  

Other ServicePrivate Equity Fund Incubation ServiceAVIC Futures and professional investment institutes, such as securities, trusts, and funds, provide private equity fund consultation to individuals or institutions yet to be brought into the market’s spotlight with multiple incubation services, including product creation, performance promotion, and fund support.  

Private Equity Fund Management ServiceAVIC Futures collaborates with Gongqing City, Jiangxi Province, establishing private equity fund innovation parks to provide supporting management services for private equity funds, including creation, registration, finance and tax accounting, and product evaluation.  

Comprehensive Financial ServiceHarnessing AVIC Capital’s Financial Control Platform, in collaboration with securities, trusts, leases, funds, insurances, and accounting members, AVIC Futures provides clients with comprehensive financial services, including investment and financing, wealth management, etc.  


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