AVIC Finance
AVIC Finance Co., Ltd. is a non-bank financial institution which enhances central management of the enterprise group's funds and improves service efficiency by providing financial management to the group’s members.  

AVIC Finance Co., Ltd. provides group members with comprehensive financial services, such as settlement, financing, insurance agency, entrusted investment, and foreign exchange. It has been a strong supporter of the enterprise group’s major projects, such as industrial park construction and new aircraft trial flights, as well as procurement and settlement, taking advantage of the financial platform to reduce members’ financing costs.  

Investment ServiceThe finance company invests everywhere except the secondary stock market, investing in quoted securities, national, financial policy, enterprise, corporate, short-term financing, privately raised, and convertible bonds, subordinated debts, mid-term instruments, financial bank products, trusts, securities investment funds, stocks (primary market), asset management products for specific fund company clients, securities companies’ targeted asset management products, and more. AVIC follows the Conservation Principle while making consistent efforts to explore and innovate. It has established multiple and diverse investment business systems which provide comprehensive financial services and investment consultancy to customers.  

Insurance Agency ServiceAs a key and characteristic business, AVIC’s Insurance Agency Service is a centralized management platform for the group's insurance businesses. Its services include professional advice on customers' insurance plans; designing detailed programs, pricing, and service standards to aid in bidding and negotiation; consultancy, advice, training, and guidance for all of the customer’s insurance needs; contacting the insurance market and making arrangements for insurance business and indemnity claims.  

AVIC has been approved by CIRC (China Insurance Regulatory Commission) to act as an agent for all insurance types. AVIC works for enterprises with numerous insurances like property, liability, engineering, special risk, life, and health insurance. It is especially experienced in flight trial, navigational, and aviation product liability insurance.