AVIC Securities
Brokerage BusinessSecurities Channel BusinessAct as clients’ agent, purchasing and selling securities according to their needs. Purchase and sell A shares, B shares, securities investment funds, national debt, enterprise bonds, convertible bonds, SME shares, Hong Kong Stock Express, and stock options on behalf of clients, as well as provide IB services in futures.  

Financial Product SalesSell, or introduce buyers to, financial products, currently including asset management, trusts, funds, income certificates, and other products.  

Investing and Financing Agency (Financial Consulting) BusinessThe agency helps programs (enterprises) fulfill their investment and financial goals by utilizing the company's resources (network).  

Underwriting and Recommendation BusinessFinancial ConsultationConsultation, analysis, and project design services for customers' investment and financing, capital operations, restructuring of assets and debts, financial management, development strategy, financial consultation, analysis, and project design services for customers' investment and financing, capital operations, restructuring of assets and debts, financial management, development strategy, and so on.  

Self-operated BusinessEquity InvestmentInvestment of shares, warrants, equity securities, investment funds, equity derivatives, and other securities investments allowed by the State Council’s securities regulatory institutions.  

Fixed Income Securities InvestmentUtilizing its own funds, establishes fixed income securities packages through floor trades, spot bond trades, repurchases, forward exchange trades, subscriptions, liquidity management, and other business, with the goal of acquiring income through capital gains and interest.  

Asset Management ServiceTargeted Asset Management ServiceEntrusted by a single client, the contracted securities company manages assets according to agreed upon methods, conditions, requirements, and restrictions, as stipulated in the contract. AVIC’s asset management subsidiary, AVIC Securities Co., Ltd., offers asset management services customized to each investor’s specific requirements and risk preferences and provides professional financial services for institutions and high-end individual investors.  

Collective Asset ManagementIn a collective investment, the securities company is entrusted by many investors, managing assets collectively through ‘professional management and portfolio investment,’ utilizing its particular institutional advantages.  

Asset Securitization ServiceAsset Securitization is a financial practice which utilizes cash flow from basic assets as reimbursement support, enhances credit through methods such as re-structuring, and issues asset-backed securities.  

Integrated Financial ServicesWe provide enterprise investment and financing services backed by diverse subsidiary financial institutions. AVIC Capital provides securities, futures, insurances, leases, and capital funds to meet the diverse financial needs of clients, with custom-designed services for each enterprise.  


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Sales and Trading BusinessInstitutional Client ServicesThese services focus on the financial needs of institutional clients and handle all business related to the securities company. As a market-oriented financial services platform, the securities company offers various investing and financing channels. Depending on the financial needs of institutional clients, sales and trading departments provide various securities company financial services such as stock and bond investment, market valuation and asset management, securities margin trading, as well as stock and bond financing, providing comprehensive care for the client’s investment and financial needs.  

Channel ServiceExplore and maintain sales agent channels, sell subsidiary asset company’s products; explore and maintain other distribution channels, sell company products.  

Fund ServiceTargeting fund companies as clientele, we seek comprehensive collaboration, including subscribing to the fund company’s products.  

Stock and Bond Underwriting ServiceThe sales and trading department underwrites items, including IPOs, enterprise and corporate bonds, and issuances of additional shares by listed companies, which are recommended and guaranteed by AVIC Securities Co., Ltd.  

Securities Margin Trading ServiceSecurities Margin Trading Service

Agreed Repurchase Type Securities Trading ServiceA transaction in which qualified clients sell underlying securities to appointed securities companies, entrusting the transaction or custody of its securities at an agreed upon price. The client promises to re-purchase the underlying security from the securities company at a specific time in the future for a different agreed upon price. Related interests generated by the underlying security during selling and re-purchasing are transacted or returned to the client, according to exchange regulation.  

Stock-Pledged Repurchase Transaction ServiceA transaction practice in which a qualified funds receiver (hereinafter receiver) receives funds by pledging bonds or other securities to the qualified funds provider (hereinafter provider), which could be the securities company and its asset management programs or products. Both parties agree that on a certain date in the future, the receiver shall refund the funds while the provider shall return the pledged bonds or securities.  

Refinancing Securities Lending ServiceThrough this service, a securities lender lists securities at certain rates through the integrated agreement trading platform of the stock exchange. A securities borrower must return the borrowed securities on schedule and pay the corresponding equity compensation and fees. In this process, the borrower acts through a securities financing company.  

Over-The-Counter Market ServiceWe apply to list a qualified domestic joint-stock company’s stock on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) through our nominated advisers and brokers. Services include public transfer of stock, equity financing, bond financing, asset restructuring, etc.  

Fixed Income ServiceFixed income business modules mainly include undertaking and underwriting, capital market, sales and trading, investment research, asset management, etc., motivated by multiple wheel drives. The project’s team members have presided over or participated in issuing fixed income products which have netted hundreds of billions of Yuan. Outstanding underwriting capability and asset management experience inform innovative new product designs which achieve both investment parties’ needs. The Fixed Income Service forms a complete bridge between asset providers and receivers.