AVIC Leasing
Aircraft LeasingAVIC Leasing cooperates with an extensive network of major domestic and overseas aircraft manufacturers, professional service organizations, air carriers, general aviation companies, and flying schools, and has established a solid cooperative platform for carrying out aircraft leasing and expanding its international market share. AVIC Leasing leads the domestic aircraft leasing market with comprehensive services, including civil aviation regional and trunk airliners, business aviation, cargo and general aircraft, engine and flight simulators, aircraft engines, airport facilities, and air materials. In addition, we have acquired a significant share in both the business aviation and general aircraft market.   Ship LeasingAVIC Leasing is a fully operational project catering to specialized ships, such as engineering ships, as well as large cargo ships from middle to high end ship leasing. It has built a complete high-end shipping asset structure distribution. Its innovative operating mode, allows it to freely lease SPV single ships and manage USD financing of ship projects flying Flags of Convenience (FOCs). It is now one of the leading domestic ship leasing companies and a pillar in boosting the development of domestic marine industry.   Large-Scale Equipment LeasingAVIC Leasing covers various industries, including infrastructure, industrial machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, medical treatment, and modern agriculture.   Contact