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AVIC MA60 Cloud-Seeding Aircraft Delivered to Gansu Province

On August 18, a MA60 cloud-seeding aircraft took off from Yanliang, Xi'an. After about 2 hours of flight, it landed at Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport and successfully completed the transfer delivery.

Subsequently, the first flight ceremony of MA60 cloud-seeding aircraft was held in the command center of Gansu Aircraft Cloud-Seeding Base. During the ceremony, the MA60 made the first show with cloud seeding operation.

In the future, the MA60 will be stationed in Gansu to carry out cloud-seeding missions, and as an important force in weather manipulation operations within Northwest China or even the whole country.

As a high-performance artificial weather manipulation aircraft, the MA60 is equipped with a number of advanced systems including atmospheric detection, catalytic operation, air to ground communication and mission integration, which can realize the functions of artificial rain enhancement, rain elimination, meteorological detection and air to ground communication, and has the ability of accurate detection, efficient catalysis and cross- region operation.

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